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Issuing Agent Services

For companies wanting to register their securities in a CSD, the issuance of these securities is a big event that requires many decisions, documentation and a comprehensive coordination between several involved parties.

The legislation and the regulations that sets the scope for the actual issuance of securities calls for a great extent of insight and expertise. The company’s Issuing Agent therefore plays a crucial part in ensuring an accurate issuance and registration in VP.


We offer companies to act as their Issuing Agent via our business area, VP Issuing Agent Services. Our department has many years of experience within this area and thereby possess an extensive knowledge on the issuance process for shares and bonds.

Our experience and capabilities combined with our automated systems, ensures an efficient issuance process.

The benefits of a partnership with VP

  • Experienced and dedicated employees 
  • Servicing and guidance for both simple and complex issuances 
  • Quick and smooth processes 
  • Effective and reliable advisory service when executing Corporate Actions 
  • “One point of contact” for reliability and punctuality 
  • Independent service provider
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Complete service

Electronic registration of securities in the VP system is valuable for both the issuing company and its investors. For companies this means the opportunity to have an electronic share registrar who will receive data about investors every time a trade has settled. Furthermore, the entire payment settlement to the investors is automated, comprising allocation of dividends, calculation of interest, drawings and redemptions. For the investors it means a higher level of security, having the securities registered in VP and not just in a manually handled share register, as this eliminates any doubt of ownership. In addition to this, the investors appreciate the fact that their securities are visible in their online banks, making it easier to keep an overview of their investments.

Just like the registration – and the issuance process demands great coordination and expertise, so does the subsequent daily handling of the issued securities through different Corporate Actions. Experience is a necessity in ensuring an efficient execution. Besides from taking on this role, VP Issuing Agent Services can also act as a valuable team player for companies wanting to admit their shares to trading through an IPO. By being involved in the early stages of the process, VP Issuing Agent Services can contribute in making sure that different factors and steps are taken into consideration, thereby diminishing the chance of losing valuable time in the process.
VP Issuing Agent Services handle all types of Corporate Actions for the issuing company, e.g. dividend payments, different types of issues, mergers, stock splits etc. and the departments’ experienced employees ensure that everything proceeds as planned from start to end.

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