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Mortgage-credit solutions

Based on the Danish mortgage-credit model, VP has developed a mortgage-credit solution for the export sector. This solution provides key benefits for borrowers, mortgage-credit lenders, governments, central banks, Treasury Departments and development banks.

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Your benefits from our solutions

  • Mortgage-credit financing is based on long-term funding according to the balance principle
  • A successful, well-functioning model that has existed for more than 200 years
  • A sound and reliable model - even at times of crisis the default ratio has never exceeded 1 per cent
  • The credit risk is held by the issuer, and the market risk is taken by the investor
  • Transparency and simplicity that protect borrowers from unfair terms and allow for full or partial repayment

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Complexity is a restricting factor

In many countries, housing development cannot match demand, which is often due to the inadequacy of existing home financing solutions. Home financing may be unnecessarily time-consuming due to complicated procedures and a lack of transparency, which can limit access to stable, long-term home financing.

Transparency and simplicity

The Danish mortgage-credit model is transparent, simple and flexible, and gives access to long-term fixed-interest loans against special covered bonds issued according to the balance principle.

We can also assist you with...

Issuance of Bonds

Corporate bonds, EMTN-programmes, mortgage bonds etc.


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