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Customer cases

We have gathered a number of interesting cases from some of our customers. Common to all these cases is that they inspire and provide a view of our customers' experiences with VP and some of our products. We hope you enjoy them.

Investor relations going digital - Solar

Solar’s investor relations are becoming more and more digitised, just like the entire business. A longstanding relationship with VP is an integrated element of a cost effective and innovative approach to IR.

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An open IR style is part of Genmab’s success

Besides having formalities and legal requirements in place, Genmab has an open style in its communication and investor relations. The AGM is also an opportunity for investors, both private and institutional, to meet the Executive Management and members of the Board of Directors.

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Tryg’s employees voted electronically

Tryg’s 4,500 employees in four countries voted electronically, when they elected four employee representatives to the board of directors from among 16 candidates. Tryg used the InvestorPortal from VP INVESTOR SERVICES for this purpose, and the final result was an outright success, with zero errors and a higher participation rate.

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E-voter can create a new dynamic at meetings

E-voter from VP INVESTOR SERVICES was developed for voting at AGMs, but can also be used in other contexts, such as conferences and meetings. DFDS used e-voter at a management conference, and this created a new dynamic and interactive sessions.

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Novozymes’ IT-supported investor relations

The Novozymes annual report is fully electronic and only a few of the approximately 49,000 shareholders receive a physical notice to convene an AGM. Novozymes is evolutionising IT-based shareholder communication.

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SKAGEN Fondene

For the first time VP INVESTOR SERVICES has offered its full meeting service, including electronic voting using e-voter, to a Norwegian investment association. This was a successful début, during which 16 ballots were held within just over 20 minutes.

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